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Chris & Rick


Hi! We just wanted to say thanks for the wonderfull job that you did at the wedding Jan. 14th. We will recommend the Grapevine to all of our Friends!

Thanx Again, Chris & Rick

Mark & Carrie


You guys were fantastic! Your attention to detail makes the difference. Everyone had a great time and you guys were a part of that. Thanks so much and congrats on your re-opening!

We never doubted you!

Mark & Carrie

LaSalle Bank
Here is the feedback we received from the Branch manager regarding the open house you catered
 Subject: Re: Last Night's Networking Event - Feedback
> I was going to email you this morning but you beat me to it.  The
> event was absolutely perfect -- we couldn't be more pleased!  I
> didn't take a headcount but think there were 9 or 10 from the
> accounting firm.  There were some that arrived
> right at 5 and didn't leave until almost 7 (which shows that they
> truly enjoyed it.)  I would highly recommend both the catering and
> bar -- the Brann's food was great as was the presentation.  I
> actually sent an email to Brann's this morning to thank them and in
> particular because I was hoping that they would recognize the young
> man who did the set-up for us in some way.  His name was Nate, and
> he was awesome -- very professional and extremely helpful!  He even
> helped us put everything away when it was over.  I also thought the
> bartender was outstanding (and plan to email Pauly's about her.)
> It was warm in here, so she even approached people to see if she
> could refresh drinks and add ice.  She, too, was very friendly and
> professional!  Both employees truly helped make this a success, so
> thanks so much for putting
> this together for us.  It simply couldn't have gone better!
> Darla Parrish
> Branch Manager - Muskegon Branch #287
Lisa and Kevin
Ken & Staff.
You and your staff provided the bar service for our wedding on October 27th 2007 at Bowens Mills. We just wanted to thank you for your hard work. You did a wonderful job! Many of our guests commented on how polite your staff was. Thank you so much, it was nice for us not to worry about the bar as it was in good hands. Take care. Lisa & Kevin.
Everything went GREAT at the reception.  I was very pleased with the variety of drinks the bartenders were making for our guests.  Thank you so much for your services.  I will definately recommend you to friends in the future!
Judy Cash
HI Ken,
I was very happy with the bar service for my sons wedding. I thought the bar service was well organized and you were very good at communicating with me, that night and in the months prior.  Since this was my first time doing this - I really appreciated that.
Thanks, Judy
Judy Cash
Jeannie Baker 
Hi Ken,

I wanted to let you know that everyone I spoke with during and after my son and daughter-in-law's wedding reception said they had a great time and were very impressed with the bar set up and service. Thank you for making the evening enjoyable and also for making it stress free for me. You did great!

Thank you,
Jeannie Baker 


Johnny Brann

  Every thing went very well.
Thank you both.

--- wrote:

From: "Pauly's" <>
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Subject: Bar Service on 07/19/2008
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 12:33:37 -0400

Hi Johnny.
  I just wanted to follow up and make sure you were happy with the bar service and see if you had any feed back for me.
Ken Ross
Event Coordinator
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