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Alcohol Serving Policy

At the Pauly's, we take great pride in providing safe, legal service for all events we attend. We have developed and adhere to a strict policy designed to insure both safety and protection for all.

Hosting an event with alcohol requires a great deal of responsibility for all involved and should be managed with absolute responsibility and professionalism.

You have spent a great deal of time planning and have invited your closest and dearest friends and family to celebrate your special event.

Pauly's wants to take every possible precaution and measures to insure that everyone celebrates in a safe environment, so that all can have a great time without jeopardizing the safety and well being of others.

The following are a few of the steps we have taken to preserve safe and responsible celebration at all events:


• Minnors will not be allowed to handle, serve, or consume alcohol MCL 436.1701
• Shots of alcohol will not be served MCL 436.1801
• Alcohol containers will remain behind the bar and will always be managed by a server
• Pitchers of beer will not be served (Possiblel minor consumption)
• Guests who appear to be over intoxicated will not be served MCL 436.1801(2)
• Our servers do not serve certain spirits or drinks that can lead to quick and high intoxication, such as jagermeister, tequila, Long Island Ice Tea, or on the rock drinks. MCL 436.1801
• Guest are not allowed to bring any alcohol into the event. MCL 436.1915 & R 436.1017
• Servers are not allowed to accept cash for drinks or to sale alcohol to anyone (alcohol is purchased retail by host) R 436.1011
• Host may not accept consideration MCL 436.1913 with out a Special License. MCL 436.1527 & MCL 436.1901
• Alcohol is not allowed out side of the facility R 436.1521 & (Possiblel minor consumption)
• Alcohol will not be served during any time not allowed by law R 436.1503 & MCL 436.2114 ( 2 am to 7 am sunday 2 am 12 pm)
• Alcohol stations are not to be left UN-manned at any time (Possiblel minor consumption)
• Pauly's servers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time
• Alcohol will not be served during the last 45 minutes of the event (Public & Guest safty)
• Host must be of legal drinking age and must provide server with a copy of valid identification at setup R 436.1527(3)
• Host must be of legal drinking age and must show valid identification to reserve event and purchase alcohol MCL 436.1203(2)(d)
• Alcohol must be purchased and paid for prior to any deliveries MCL 436.2013


Please understand that this policy was designed for the safty and protection of all, and that many of these items are also required by law. Michigan Liqour Control Commision requires that we adhear to the "Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998" and any other laws that apply to the sale, use and consumption of alcohol.

Pauly's respects and adhers to all laws and will not violate any laws or regulations

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